single shaft shredder
Harden SM (SMH) series single shaft shredder equipped heavy-duty rotor with advanced cutting structure and arc-stock pusher.It`s well suitable for medium and fine size shredding works. The throughput is ranged from 1 and 30 tons/hour. Electrical motor and hydraulic radial motor is optional depending to the working conditions. Model:SM1300、SM2200、SMH2200(液压)、SM3000、SMH3000(液压) Motor Power(kw):90、250、250*2 Size Cuting Chamber(A*B)(mm):1300*1600、1535*2200、3000*1500 .pbtns { width: 280px; background: #ef001d; font-size: 24px; color: #fff; cursor: pointer;margin-right: 1px;margin-top: 37px;overflow: hidden;} .pbtns a {height: 70px; line-height: 70px; text-align: center; border: 1px solid #ef001d; border-radius: 4px;text-decoration:none; color:#FFF;}            Consulting

Harden has rich experiences in single shaft shredders. Harden has specialized parameters for different materials shredding.

The rotating speed, action program and cutter formation is sophisticated. Whether it is a thick wood stake or RDF in low bulk density,SM(SMH) can deal with it perfectly.

Features of Single Shaft Shredder

※ The triangular bearing support structure ensures smooth operation
※ Arc pusher and short feeding interval to reduce no-load rate
※ Imported motor / reducer for high efficiency and long service life
※ Spindle wear-resistant coating surfacing to prevent the wear of core components
※ External independent bearing seat isolates material contamination
※ Special heat-resistant and wear-resistant knife, can be used on both sides
※ Large-diameter spindle effectively improves crushing capacity
※ Central lubrication system with PLC automatic lubrication
Technical parameters  


Applications of Single Shaft Shredder

Cloths,Leather Scrap                                            Untreated MSW                                                       RDF                                                                  Paper Mill Waste

Bulky & Decoration Waste                                                Wooden Stakes                                    Construction formwork                                      Plasti and Films