Waste Plastic Shredder for plastic recycling and plastic remake

Waste plastic is one of the most valuable resources if recycle in a proper way

Waste plastic can be classified and shredded to remake plastic, produce fuel for plant and generate electricity for power plant, etc. Waste plastic shredding is a critical step to manage various kinds of waste plastic, it helps to reduce the space of storing the bulky waste plastic, lower the transportation cost in the meantime, minor plastic granulates is good for the further waste plastic management.

Harden serves a variety of waste plastic recycling plant

If you’re just looking for plastic shredding machines, you’re at the right place. Harden has designed and manufactured technical plastics shredders that meets virtually all plastics processing challenges including industrial plastic scrap. With years of plastics shredding experiences, Harden carries thousands of successful waste plastic shredding like PET plastic, plastic scrap and production waste, automotive components, etc.

Our plastic shredding machines can be found in the largest plastics recycling plants and in the smallest. Post-consumer plastics recyclers, post-industrial plastics recyclers and companies that recycle both, consistently choose Harden shredders to do it more profitably.

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Why do both plastics recyclers and plastics processors prefer Harden Plastic Shredders?

Because of their advance technology, high and stable performance, ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

Advanced technology-Harden introduced the German technology and combined it with superb manufacturing itself, producing the high quality waste plastic shredders. We provide service for both plastic recyclers and plastic processors or any association which have waste plastic to dispose.

waste plastic shredder, plastic shredder,waste plastic disposal

High and stable performance-Harden versatile waste plastic shredder can shred various kinds of waste plastic and maintain a stable performance during all the working time. Waste plastic shredder can be driven by either electric or hydraulic station which depends on waste plastic materials or customer’s requirements.

Ease operation and maintenance- Harden one-touch start and auto stop greatly simplifies the operation and reduce the labor cost. Knives of the waste plastic shredder can be repaired by welding to lower the maintenance cost.

waste plastic shredder, plastic shredder,waste plastic disposal

Recommended Harden Waste Plastic shredder

Waste Plastic shredder Model Two shaft shredder TS612 Four shaft shredder QS1012
Motor power (kW) 55 2*30+2*22
Cutting chamber size (mm) 650*1250 1020*1200
Dimension (mm) 3380*2175*2600 4000*1260*650
Weight (kg) 5500 7500


Features of Harden Waste Plastic shredder

  • Easy maintenance and safe operation
  • Low noise and dust operation
  • Knives are made of high strength alloy, no worry of metal crushing
  • Knives can be repaired by welding to reduce the maintenance cost
  • Siemens and Schneider electric components ensures high stability

waste plastic shredder, plastic shredder,waste plastic disposal

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