harden hydraulic two shaft shredder
TH hydraulic driven two shaft shredders are professional equipment for heavy-duty shredding of all kind of tough materials like metals(aluminum profiles, metal scraps, automobile waste, copper wires, ragged wires of paper mill waste and solid wood). The most advanced feature is that it can turn reversal without stopping motor anytime. Powerfully shredding force generating by hydraulic unit with dynamic-changing rotating speed and torque. Harden shredders equipped imported hydraulic system and motor for highly reliable performance and low maintenance cost.

Models of TH Series Two Shaft Shredder

hydulic shredder, metal shredder, two shaft shredder

TH8, subseries

Heavy duty two shaft hydrilic shredder

Shredder models:
TH812, TH816
Motor power: 90kW~150kW
Shredder applications:
Applications of scrap metals shredder usually choosing the model TH812. It has a hydraulic unit normal with 110~132kW and dynamic force system.Hydraulic shredder is more efficient in shredder tough materials because it can turn reversal without any suspend. Dynamic force system of the metal shredder provides auto-adjusted torque and rotating speed for maximize throughput range all the time. Harden TH8 shredder also well used in hazardous waste shredding system in recent years.
TH10 metals shredder hydraulic two shaft shredders

TH10 subseries

Extra-heavy duty two shaft hydrilic shredder

TH1013, TH1016, TH1316
Motor power: 220~370 kW
Shredder applications:
TH10 and TH13 series shredder could be integrated in scrap automobiles recycling systems. The huge shredding mouths with 1300~1600mm length can be feed with whole shells and frame of scrap automibles. Tough shredding materials like scrap metals and scrap automobiles with rough feed easily cause jam in cutting chamber. Therefore hydraulic power system is important for shredders of these applications. Hydraulic system offers dynamic torque intensifing the force when it amost jam, quick reversal for shreding-reshreding actions. Relentless shredding force destroy and smash any solid waste quickly and smartly.

Two shaft shredders markets

Harden shredders are engineered for shredding a wide range of materials.

Some common uses for our industrial shredding market includes

※ MSW (domestic waste) shredder
※ Organice waste (food waste, green waste) shredder
※ Wood crates and pallets shredder
※ Industrial waste, hazardous wste shredder
※ Metal shredder(aluminium pot or other waste aluminium, waste wires, iron sheet, scrap automobile)
※ Carpet shredder
※ E-waste shredder (refrigerator shredder, microwave oven shredder, hard drive shredder, computer shredder, mainboard shredder.)
※ Heavy plastics shredder
※ Medical Scraps shredder
※ Heavy paper/cardboard/carton/books/newspapers shredder
※ Hazardous waste shredder


Features of Two Shaft Shredder

base maching of shredder
Accurate assembly under wholistic surface machining for shock absorption and smooth running.
gears of shredder
Trans-Gears: 20CrMo with whole tempering and high frequency surface hardening
chamber of shredder
Mould casting instead of welding for a highly integral strength and stable
shafts of shredder
Highly wearproof alloy import from Europe with local thermal treatment.180% useful life comparing to SKD-II.
shredding parts
smithing treatment for spacers.42CrMoV with tempering for High-strength shafts.
PLC control e-cabinet with Siemens, Schneider, Omron and ABB parts. Safe and minimal failure rate.
shredder gearbox
BONENG robust gearbox with 1.8~2.3 service factor.Siemens Beide, High overloading capacity motor.
shredder construction
Double sealing rings for NSK bearings. Protections for transmission parts and bearings.