two shaft shredder,reliable waste recycling equipment
TD subseries shredders are the honorable product of Harden Marchinery. They are best selling used in wide range of applications, especially suitable for shredding scrap metals, scarp automobilesm industrial(hazardous) waste, electric appliance(refrigerator) recycling, tyres and so on. TD shredders have two cutting shafts with independent driven. The chambers are very robust to suit to its heavy duty capacity. Quality mechanical propreprty alloys with strict thermal treatment are used in wearproof blades and high strength shaft. We make really industrial machins, robust, stable and low maintenance required. Our Technologies, Your Trust.

Models of TD Series Two Shaft Shredder

light twin shaft shredder

TS5 subserie

Dual driven two shaft shredder

Shredder models:
TD505, TD505, TD510
Motor power: 7.5+7.5kW~22+22kW
Shredder applications:
TD5 subseries are small but strong shredders. The shredders have two motor driven with strong cutting chamber and shafts. It`s a suitable choice if you want to shred tough materials with a small throughput required, like metal blocks, solid wooden boards or blocks, rubbers medical and industrial waste. Also, TD5 shredders are widely used WEEE recycling. They can easily solve crush any hard drivers, mainboards, copper transformer and so on.

light twin shaft shredder

TD6 subseries

Dual driven heavy-duty two shaft shredder

TD610, TD612, TD615
Motor power: 22+22~45+45 kW
Shredder applications:
TD612 is a very hot sales model for all kinds of scrap metals recycling works and industrial waste shredding. The size of cutting chamber and the shredding force is especially fit waste iron sheet, steel tile, aluminum sheet and blocks size reduction. The throughput range is 3~4 tons per hour. We built several medical (hospital) waste shredding systems for Chinese medical waste disposal centers. One unit includes one elevating feeder, steam boiler, primary shredder, secondary shredder, and conveying system. Also TD612 is good at MSW shredding with a high throughput range. MSW disposal and recycling industrials require lots of every year in China.

light twin shaft shredder

TD series

Dual driven heavy-duty two shaft shredder

TD812, TD815
Motor power: 45+45~90+90 kW
TD8 subseries shredders are strong monsters for the waste. With upon total 11kW powerful driven, it results 20 tons per hour for MSW shredding. No matter how you feed a TD812 shredder, by chain conveyors or forklifts, it can gulp down the waste rapidly. TD812 shredder is the best choice in industrial waste and metals recycling market. Because it`s stronger than TD612, you are less worry to jam it and in maintenance. In our opinion of recycling experiences, TD812 may be the most reliabe scrap metals shredding machine among to local products.

Two shaft shredders application

Harden shredders are engineered for shredding a wide range of materials.

Some common uses for our industrial shredding market includes

※ MSW (domestic waste) shredder
※ Organice waste (food waste, green waste) shredder
※ Wood crates and pallets shredder
※ Industrial waste, hazardous wste shredder
※ Metal shredder(aluminium pot or other waste aluminium)
※ Carpet shredder
※ E-waste shredder (refrigerator shredder, microwave oven shredder, hard drive shredder, computer shredder, mainboard shredder.)
※ Heavy plastics shredder
※ Medical Scraps shredder
※ Mixed waste shredder
※ Heavy paper/cardboard/carton/books/newspapers shredder

Features of Two Shaft Shredder

base maching of shredder
Accurate assembly under wholistic surface machining for shock absorption and smooth running.
gears of shredder
Trans-Gears: 20CrMo with whole tempering and high frequency surface hardening
chamber of shredder
Mould casting instead of welding for a highly integral strength and stable
shafts of shredder
Highly wearproof alloy import from Europe with local thermal treatment.180% useful life comparing to SKD-II.
shredding parts
smithing treatment for spacers.42CrMoV with tempering for High-strength shafts.
PLC control e-cabinet with Siemens, Schneider, Omron and ABB parts. Safe and minimal failure rate.
shredder gearbox
BONENG robust gearbox with 1.8~2.3 service factor.Siemens Beide, High overloading capacity motor.
shredder construction
Double sealing rings for NSK bearings. Protections for transmission parts and bearings.