Used Oil Filter Recycling

Used Oil Filter Recycling

Used oil filter recycling become more and more important as the bad environmental impact of lanfill treating. Used oil filters are recyclable because they are made of steel, North America’s number one recycled material. They are being recycled today into new steel products, such as cans, cars, appliances and construction materials. Also, the waste oil from the filters can be collected and return to be used.

used oil filters recycling


Some data will help know more about used oil filter recycilng below:

500,000,000 Light duty used oil filters =

Scrap steel 75,000 tons
Waste oil 9,000,000 gal.
Energy 1.5 Trillion BTUS

Used Oil Filter Recycling Methods Recommended

Methods one

1. Shredding the waste oil filter into small flakes
2. Separate all types of ferrous and non ferrous material
3. Conveying/transporting
4. Compact and hot drain the filter for energy
5. Collect oil from filter crushing
6. Recovery the scrap steel

Methods two

1. Pick-up and process the used oil filters with some based facility, by first crushing them into 35 to 45 lb. cubes.

2. After that we load 6 ½ tons of these cubes into thermal processing machine (big oven). The cubes are heated at temperatures up to 1300 degrees F over a period of 18 to 20 hrs.

3. As the temperature is increased the oil, that wasn’t removed by crushing, flows to a collection tank.