Harden indsutrial shredders sales estimation of 2016

Harden industrial shredder manufacturer

According to the trend of market, Harden`s sales of industrial shredders is keep fast growing this year. Coarse shredders, MSW shredders, RDF shredders are especially expecting an sales increasing of 150%. Our products are highly commendatory to nation-invested projects and entities which emphasizing quality.

Harden industrial shredders are famous of quality, well cost control and comprehensive and sincere after-sales service. Policies of solid waste disposal and MSW recycling bring lots of opportunities to us. We’d never stop to improve our products and service. One of our clients expresses: they can recover the additional cost of quality shredders in a haft year but save lots of issues in maintenance. What`s more, the useful life is 3~10 years more comparing to those low-price machines.

Harden industrial shredders benefited with European design and local developed machining manufacturers. We have the most advanced designs of MSW coarse shredder and RDF single shaft shredder. To choose Harden, economical price for shredders and recycling machines with European quality standard. That`s our honest guarantee.

Industrial coarse shredder for MSW disposal