Dead pigs harmless treatment method in China

Dead pigs harmless treatment method in China

Any pig farm will encounter dead pigs, dead pigs are often important sources of infection of diseases to spread and spread, causing major economic losses not only on pig-raising industry, also will be a serious threat to human or animal health, so the dead pigs should be a safe and effective treatment. in the course of our work, are often faced with different types of dead pigs, and for their processing, different disease should have taken a different approach. In General, the farm’s treatment of dead pigs are divided into two types, common diseases (such as diarrhea) pigs and because a special death diseases (such as fifth disease, infectious diseases such as swine fever) deaths of pigs. Traditionally, the event of dead pigs, according to the biological diseases diseases of animals and animal products safety regulations used by farmers in two ways: landfill and incineration.


Burying method to deal with is more casual, condition required is not high on the pig farm itself. According to size, one hole to fill at a time ranging from hundreds of head at one end. Disadvantage, however, is the more obvious, Taiwan pig boss about: “buried law not only easy to groundwater pollution, at the same time not conducive to the prevention of many pig farms buried address casual, prone to ‘ unmarked common graves ‘ phenomenon. “Southern rural reporter observed that some livestock farmers 100 sows to harmless treatment typically being used this way, a dead pig processing costs less than 10 Yuan.

Pool of innocuous disposal of pig carcasses

For now, though, most new scale pig farm at the beginning of the design have designed pool of innocuous disposal of pig carcasses. It is understood that the harmless treatment of such an approach has been dominating the mainstream. General stock 500 sows scale pig farm with 2-3 dead pool. General dead pigs into the corpse of pool and seals, insect corpses rotting in a natural state generated maggots and pig skeletons left, joining such as carbolic acid slowly degrading it. “Such an approach is more complete, finished only inorganic, minimize to minimize damage to the environment, but cycles longer, it normally takes more than 2 months. “(Preshredding the pigs into small size can greatly shorten the processing time ). These Taiwan farmers told the newspaper reporter in rural areas of the South. Pig processing cost is not actually high, ecological farming in Guangdong Depot Ltd Chen Zhongqian told southern rural reporter, under normal circumstances, 2-3 corpse of pool building needs 30,000-50,000 yuan, a pool can generally use 5-year, coupled with disinfectants, acids or alkalis and other chemicals and artificial, equally to every slaughter swine was only 0.5 Yuan. In addition, there is also a dig deep buried in a similar way, “generally a well ranged according to the depth, needs 10,000-20,000 yuan” one operators in Shaoguan Xu Huie said in an interview.


In recent years, farmers increase of incineration. Carcass incinerator has been endemic in large scale pig farm, it is understood that such methods more thoroughly, less space to dispose of waste properly. It is understood that within the incinerator after above 800 degrees Celsius after high temperature treatment, dead pigs reduces the volume of over 97%, furnace service life is long, generally in more than 15 years. Shanghai Huangpu River following the events of dead pigs, various Web sites selling on carcass incinerator in advertising has become more popular, it was learned that the construction of an incinerator cost about 35,000 dollars. Although it processed relatively quickly, but such devices are smaller, General handling sudden mass death pig takes a long time. However, In this process, can greatly shorten the processing time if equipped with a industrial animal crusher/dead pig shredder.