Hazardous Waste Shredding System Win the Bidding

Hazardous Waste Shredding System Win the Bidding

Hazardous waste shredding system from HARDEN win the bidding from the Chinese Government on March 11, 2013, BeiJing time.

This project mainly for shredding and disposing hazardous waste which are poisonous, explosive and combustible. These kind of waste may cause fire or explode if we disposing irrelevancy. An example of such kind of waste are barrels loaded solvent.

HARDEN hazardous waste shredding system is working under the carbon dioxide environment, at the process of disposing, we inpouring carbon dioxide, discharge air.

This system including customization feeding hopper, using the slide gate which has airlock function; the buttom is discharge hopper and chamber, also equipped with slide gate. The middle of the system is a standard design of shredder. lower structure is a strengthen design, which can bear enormous pressing and prevent explode, on the other side is a deflagration vent.

At the top is feeding hopper similar with discharging hopper, equipped with slid board, the shredder start to work after the slid board closed.

All these additional device are make sure the hazardous waste dispoing process is safe.

HARDEN have manufactured many such kind of hazardous waste disposing equipment. Here show one has 6.5 meter (255in)tall , the biggest one has 10 meter (393in) tall.

Hazardous Waste Disposing System Win the Bidding