Kitchen waste shredder

Kitchen waste shredder

Kitchen waste shredder descriptions

A kitchen waste shredder, for production of fertilizer and biogas out of organic waste, also sometimes referred to as organic waste shredder, is a machine used for disposing and reducing the size of organic waste. Kitchen waste shredders come in many different variations and size.

Some examples of  organic waste that are commonly shredded are: general waste food, vegetable, fruits, bones, garden waste, etc.

Kitchen waste shredder applications

Production of organic fertilizers

Waste composting has now become popular in many countries. The Technology used under the current Material Recovery Facility (MRF) program is by way of shredding the organic wastes and wait for about 45 days to complete the    decomposition cycle before it can be bagged and used as organic fertilizers.

Harden Industries Ltd has develop such kind of kitchen waste shredder for disposal organic material,  whether they come in the form of kitchen waste, like waste vegetable,cabbage, onions, potatoes, animals bones, etc.

Production of biogas

Kitchen waste shredder can combine with other biogas plants to produce biogas. Kitchen waste shredder is  in one of  the process where took organic material like fruit, vegetables,  general waste food, animals cutting bones etc. into  small pieces, and after that mix with animal manure into the  fermenter tank to generate biogas, the kitchen waste shredder are use good material for sure long  time  running even under harsh conditions.

Kitchen waste shredder  features
1. Shaft: kitchen waste shredder with two shaft
2. Big feeding room, available for big and heavy kitchen scrap.
3. High quality blade, four blade tips can be fully used in turn.
4. Higher capacity: can reach 500-6000kg/h( dependsd on material)
5. Easy operation and safe protection.
6. New design blade and structure, less space taken.
(We can design the heavy duty shredder according to your fact needs. )

Kitchen waste shredder technical parameters

Model TS515 TS5830 TS5150 TS6160 TS8120 TD5870
Mortor power kw 11 22 37 45 290 22+30
Feed opening L mm 560 845 1050 1050 1315 850
Feed opening W mm 500 500 500 650 890 500
Shaft distance mm 200 200 200 300 300 300
Rotor disk thickness mm 15/30 30/50 30/50 30/50 30/50 30/50
Rotor diameter mm 280 280 280 345 345 345
Rotor speed rpm 23/27 27/28 25/27 26/20 20/18 29/35
Machine weight kg 1450 2300 3900 5000 9200 5800
Capacity kg/h 500-1500 1500-3000 2500-4500 3500-4000 4500-5000 5000-6000


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