Shredder for Biogas Production

Shredder for Biogas Production

Biogas Production Background

Biogas technology(called anaerobic fermentation) is characterized by turning urban and rural organic waste, sewage into biogas, fertilizers, and realizing the recycling value of resource, is also conducive to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the functions of which in energy, environment, ecology, health and rural economic development have become an increasing importance to governments.

Biomass Shredder for Biogas Production Plant

Biomass shredder is an important biogas production machine in the production plant. A biogas production plant typically requires 10 to 20 acres for all the facilities. The Biogas Technology used under the program is by way of shredding the organic wastes inorder to make the production more quickly. That is biomass sources(such as animal, human, livestock manure, and food waste; cellulosic agricultural products, and landfill) need to be passed through grinders and shredders to decrease the particle size and remove stones, metal and other solids.

HARDEN provides large selection of biomass shredders applicated in biogas production.

biomass shredder for biogas production plant

Biomass Shredder for Biogas Production Plant

HARDEN Biomass Shredder Features

  • Size and capacity: There are different size and capacity biomass shredder to be choose.
  • Working condition: Shredders are very robust and built to sustain tough operating.
  • Shredding blades: With Wear-resistant and durable stainless steel blade 

If you want to buy realiable biomass shredder with reasonable price from China, HARDEN brand is your good choice.