How to select a suitable solid waste shredder and feeding way?

What specification should we pay attention to when choosing a shredder?

For various shredding requests of solid waste, choosing a right shredder is quite important to increase working efficiency and meet shredding demands. Harden Machinery Ltd offers best shredder recommendation according to the material and discharge dimensions of the waste, normally the most suitable shredder can perfectly complete the shredding task without using 100% of its available power.

The reason of it is that with the increase of using time, knife of shredder will become blunt and shredder will need more energy to cut and shred. If the shredder has sufficient power, this shredder can be used for a longer time rather than being replaced for maintenance.

One more suggestion from Harden company, besides sufficient power of the shredder, the dimension of the cutter chamber which can grab waste as much as possible should also be taken into consideration. Therefore, model and power, hook size and wheelbase, feeding chamber of the shredder as well as waste material, all these factors should also be considered when choosing a suitable shredder.

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What kind of feeding ways should we choose?

Batch feeding

Batch feeding includes using a grab or a loader to pour materials into the hopper of the shredder. This feeding way is widely used in home appliances disposal, building demolition work or packing material treatment. Although batch feeding is very simple, it has low efficiency. If the size of the cutting chamber is not suitable, batch feeding is more likely to cause the blockage of shredder or force the shredder to shred more waste beyond its capacity.

Metering feeding

Metering feeding is a kind of feeding way which conveys materials to the hopper in a steady, controlled flow through a conveyor. If we use the metering feeding to convey waste, the shredder can effectively adjust the speed of shedding by monitoring the volume of the feeding. Metering feeding can reduce the times of reverse or stop of the shredder machine.

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