Harden SS series single Shaft Shredders suitable for low intensity materials shredding, like wood, organic and plasitc materials .With features of economical price, low maintenance, low operating costs, as well as safe and simple operation, SS are popular for light duty recycling works. With a screen to control particle size of output, SS shredders can result materials with 10mm~30mm. You can move a SS shredder to anyplace for a variety of materials recycling thanks to compact and moveable design.

SS series economical single shaft shredder

SM400-1 SS600-1 SM800-1

SS400                                                                    SS600                                                                          SS800

Economical SS series shredder

Harden SS Series light-duty single shaft shredders are suitable for industrial solid waste shredding with small and middle processing capacity. SS Light-duty Single Shaft Shredder is featured of compact and economical design. The material collected can be fed directly. The rotor turns slowly but strongly makes it possible to shred lumps at an especially low noise and low abrasion level. The space saving and maneuverable construction can work in any small plants flexibly.

Advantages of Economical single shaft shredders :

• Affordable solution for small plants
• Easy to move and place
• tangential feed-in avoids the need for a hydraulic pusher
• small footprint
• low energy consumption

Applications of Economical Single Shaft Shredders :

• Market garbage
• Organic waste
• Household waste
• Light electronic waste
• Light plastic waste
• Woven bags
• Aluminum Cans
• Waste paper

Our technical group would calculate the parameters according to your application after detailed communication.
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Features of SS single shaft shredder

• Four faces in one blade, long use-life.
• CE certification approval, achieve European quality standard.
• Customized screen, the particle size can be changed at any time.
• Shock absorbers reduce the impaction for motor and gearbox
• Integral machining rotary shaft, stable and durable.
• Double water-proof and dust-proof, greatly eliminating the insecurity.
• Omron PLC supervising automatically adjusts the operation.
• Optional cooling system to prevent overheating for low melting point materials.