harden single shaft shredder, reliable shredding machine Harden Industries provides good quality Single Shaft Shredders that offer low maintenance, low operating costs, as well as safe and simple operation. Screened units of thd single shaft shredder can effectively and accurately size material down to 10mm. It has a power with 15HP to 450HP by electric or hydraulic motors. All models in the shredder series have the option of three different cutter styles allowing optimization to your specific application. There are multiple screen options available from 3/8”to 1.5”openings. Discharged material can be transported by pneumatic, belt or screw conveyors. Full shredder system automation can be accomplished through optional PLC controls.

Models of Single Shaft Shredder

light single shaft shredder

Light single shaft shredder

Model: SM400, SM600, SM800

Power: 11~45kW

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large single shaft shredder

Large single shaft shredder

Model: SM1000, SM1200, SM1500

Power: 45~110 kW

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Heavy duty single shaft shredder

Heavy-duty single shaft shredder

Model: SM2000, SM2400

Power: 110~220 kW

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Extra-heavy duty single shaft shredder

Extra-heavy single shaft shredder

Model: SL1500, SL2000, SL2800

Power: 150~300 kW

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Single-shaft shredders

Economical SS series shredder

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Heavy-duty SM series single shaft Shredders

Extra-heavy  SL single shaft shredders

Light SM single shaft shredders

Harden SM Series large single shaft shredder is very versatile and can be used for shredding of all kinds of materials with middle processing capacity. The machine parameters can be customized to various applications.

This type of shredder has a Hydraulic driven ram which feeds and forces the material to the teeth on the rotating shaft with dosing. The pushing speed and pressure is adjustable and intelligent to increase the cutting efficiency. A hydraulic coupler installed with rotor provides soft start and makes cutting action smoother. A shaft turns slowly but strongly makes it possible to shred lumps at an especially low noise and low abrasion level.

Advantages of light SM single shaft shredders


Low speed, high torque gear driven

Intelligent and adjustable hydraulic pusher

Multifunctional electrical protection

Multiple dust and water proof

Particle size can be defined in advance

Simple operation

Low operating costs


Features of of light SM single shaft shredders

Intelligent and adjustable hydraulic pusher

Hydraulic coupler provides soft start and enlarges the max torque.

Four faces in one blade, long use-life.

CE certification approval, achieve European quality standard.

Customized screen, the particle size can be changed at any time.

Shock absorbers reduce the impaction for motor and gearbox

Integral machining rotary shaft, stable and durable.

Double water-proof and dust-proof, greatly eliminating the insecurity.

Siemens PLC supervising automatically adjusts the operation.

Optional cooling system to prevent overheating for low melting point materials.

Single Shaft Shredders Applications

Harden single shaft shredders are engineered for shredding a wide range of materials.
Some common uses for our industrial shredders include:
Mixed waste
wood shredder
Wood crates and pallets shredder
Industrial waste shredder
Metal shredder(aluminium pot or other waste aluminium)
Carpet shredder
E-waste shredder (refrigerator shredder, microwave oven shredder, hard drive shredder, computer shredder, mainboard shredder.)
Heavy plastics shredder
Medical Scraps shredder
Organic waste shredder
Heavy paper/cardboard/carton/books/newspapers shredder

Features of single shaft shredder

shredder maching
Accurate assembly under wholistic surface machining for shock absorption and smooth running.
single shaft shredder cutters
Highly wearproof alloy import from Europe with local thermal treatment.180% useful life comparing to SKD-II
high strength shaft
42CrMoV with tempering for High-strength shafts.
V arrangemant cutters makes efficent shredding.
shredder gearbox
BONENG robust gearbox with 1.8~2.4 service factor.Siemens Beide, High overloading capacity motor.
shredder hydraulic couplers and belts
Rubost power driving system. Hydraulic couplers for soft start and torque enhancement.
single shaft shredder shaft
Heavy-duty shaft, 120% diameter, makes a higher capacity and stability.
shredder electric control
PLC control e-cabinet with Siemens, Schneider, Omron and ABB parts. Safe and minimal failure rate.
shredder hydraulic unit
Quality hydraulic system with cooling unit and dust filtration. Zero fault in 5 years.