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Organic Waste Shredder and Disposal System

The processing of organic waste is significant for energy recycling nowadays.Organic waste includes the food waste, kitchen waste, expired food as well as some green waste from garden dressing. Shredding organic waste into smaller size or granule is good for the microbial fermentation, which is a vital step to produce biomass energy. Harden organic waste shredding solution is well received in the market, for more innovative disposal ideas just feel free to contact the Harden team.

Organic Waste Disposal Method

  • Landfill of organic waste
  • Fermentation of organic waste
  • Fertilize the organic waste

Organic Waste Shredding Technology

  • Pre-shredding procedure

Harden Processing Effect of Organic Waste

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Recommended Organic Waste Shredders

Harden TS505 Two Shaft Shredder

TS505 Two shaft shredder

Harden TS508 Two Shaft Shredder

TS508 Two shaft shredder

Harden TD510 Two Shaft Shredder

TD510 Two shaft shredder