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Medical& Hospital Waste Shredder and Disposal System

For a healthier life, a great deal of medical and hospital waste are produced to the city everyday. Medical and hospital waste is a kind of hazardous waste as some of them are infectious, it threaten the heath of people and environment if we can’t process it properly. Harden Team carries few professional medical and hospital waste shredder and most of them are well received in the market. The application area ranges from expired medicine with or without package, used disposable medical products and other medical waste in the hospital. Please feel free to email or call Harden to learn more.

Medical &Hospital Waste Disposal Method

  • Landfill of medical and hospital waste
  • Incineration of medical  and hospital waste
  • High temperature for disinfection of medical and hospital waste

Harden One-stop Solution

Lifter + Shredder + Conveyor system


Medical& Hospital  Waste Disposal System

medical waste shredder disposal system