Shredder For Catering Waste

As the saying goes, food the first necessity of man. With the growing population on the earth, more food are produced so do the catering waste. Catering waste includes household kitchen waste, restaurant catering waste as well as expired food with or without package. How to process the catering waste and make it good for our society is one of the main issues of the environment protection and energy saving today. Harden carries few advanced catering waste shredders which has won high feedback from the market, please see more information as below for your reference.

Catering Waste Disposal Methods

  • Burying of catering waste
  • Fermentation of catering waste
  • Fertilize the catering waste

Catering Waste Shredding Technology

  • Pre-shredding procedure

Kitchen Waste

kitchen waste shredder

Restaurant Waste

Catering Waste

Expired Food Waste

Expired Food Waste Shredder