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Bulky Waste Shredder and Disposal System

Bulky waste like used furniture and refrigerators are one of the most common municipal waste, how to dispose them becomes a problem to the manager of the city. Recycling is the main way to process bulky waste. Harden company has provided hundreds of bulky waste shredding and disposal solutions for a more beautiful city. To learn more ideas and solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Harden Team.

Bulky Waste Disposal Methods

  • Landfill of bulky waste
  • Incineration of bulky waste
  • Recycle wood for reutilization or make it fuel
  • Recycle metal for reutilization

Bulky Waste Shredding Technology

  • Pre-shredding 
  • Sorting
  • Recycling(Landfill, incineration)
 bulky waste shredder

Bulky Furniture

 bulky waste shredder

Decoration Waste

 bulky waste shredder

Tree Branch

 bulky waste shredder

Packaging Waste

bulky waste shredder

Shredded Waste

bulky waste shredder

Separating Metal

Harden Bulky Waste Disposal System

bulky waste shredder



  1. Guangdong Province, China

  1. Guangdong Province, China



  1. Shanghai City, China

Recommended Bulky Waste Shredders

Harden Primary Shredder

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