two shaft shredder for scrap metals shredding system

Harden metal shredders are meticulous designed with finite element analysis for top integrality. Within 45# steel under holistic casting, intensity of the cutting chambers is double to normal welding in Q235 iron. Wholistic surface machining of assembly basement comes out low sharking low noise operation. High Cr, Mn and Ni, Mo in the alloy with technical thermal treatments for impact-wear-resistant blades and cutters. 42CrMoV with tempering for High-strength shafts. The material processing and machine manufacturing technologies are professional centralized in every Harden machines. Reliability, you may see how`s the shredder operation in the videos. Full of loading does not making any strenuous.

Not only the machines are good in cost-benefits, also we have advanced technologies for maintenance cost saving. Our produce output is large so that we export alloys for blades from Europe making a better quality and cost control. What`s more, easy and low cost maintenance features are remarkable. The cutters of blades are replaceable and welding repairable. Replaced cutters could be welding repaired for 3~4 times. These technologies are combined to save 45% maintenance cost(compare to similar equipment in China) for our customs in a long term. The benefits of customs bring us long-term cooperation and trust. We try our best to offer a reliable machine to you.

Good design and quality of electric control is important, too. Any fault of component will make a big influence to production. Harden metals shredder all installed high overloading-capacity components in the most reliable brands. Function with electric-current overloading protection/electric-thermal protection and so on. The shredders will reversal three times when overloading then stop and alarm if still jam. All models of Harden scrap metal shredders are strict CE proved.

Harden middle to heavy duty metal scraps shredders are suitable for all kinds of metal scraps recycling. Any metal sheets or blocks, casting irons, aluminum motor cases, scrap coppers or steel wires, vehicle (bicycle, automobile) scraps and so on. The largest shredder model can be up to 600kW and 20 tons of output or more. All metals shredders are available to equip with hydraulic driven systems.

scrap metal shredder system