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Municipal Waste Shredder and MSW disposal system

With the growth of population and rapid development of the city, more and more municipal waste are produced and seriously influence our live and environment. Municipal waste also know as MSW, domestic waste and household refuse. Municipal waste should be shredded before burying or burning to save more storage space or to lower the transport cost for collecting.

Harden has offered hundreds of excellent municipal waste shredding solutions for both individual or association project. Harden shreds any waste for a cleaner city and environment, please feel free to contact us for your customized shredding solution.

Municipal Waste Disposal Methods

  • Landfill of municipal solid waste
  • Incineration of municipal solid waste
  • Pyrolysis and gasification of municipal solid waste
  • Sorting and recycling of municipal solid waste
  • Cooperative disposal of cement kiln

Municipal Waste Shredding Technology

  • Pre-shredding procedure
  • Sorting and RDF disposal system

Harden Processing Effect of Municipal Waste

 municipal waste shredder Municipal waste municipal waste shredder application Shredding Processing  municipal waste shredder application Discharging shredded municipal waste

Recommended Municipal Waste Shredders

Harden Single Shaft Shredder

SM Series, SA Series, SL series

Harden Two Shaft Shredder

TS Series, TD Series, TH Series, TL Series

Harden Primary Shredder

TDH1618, TDH1826