Shredder Applications

HARDEN produces high quality industrial shredders and size reduction equipment in China for over 10 years. HARDEN is a fully vertical manufacturing company. We do engineering, manufacturing, system integration, and service. With technology originally from Germany and Italy, all of our shredders meet CE standard. Special shredder applications and quality reliability is our core competency.

With HARDEN’s broad range of industrial shredders, we provide the capability to efficiently shred large quantities of materials such as plastics, wood, paper and cardboard, metal, biomass, waste or data storage media. Often referred to as grinders or chippers, our diverse line of industrial shredders includes single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, horizontal shredders, and more. Our industrial-sized shredders feature large hoppers, perfect for all applications. Let our team find you the perfect industrial shredder for your application.