harden single shaft shredder, reliable shredding machine Harden Industries provides good quality Single Shaft Shredders that offer low maintenance, low operating costs, as well as safe and simple operation. Screened units of thd single shaft shredder can effectively and accurately size material down to 10mm. It has a power with 15HP to 450HP by electric or hydraulic motors. All models in the shredder series have the option of three different cutter styles allowing optimization to your specific application. There are multiple screen options available from 3/8”to 1.5”openings. Discharged material can be transported by pneumatic, belt or screw conveyors. Full shredder system automation can be accomplished through optional PLC controls.

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Single Shaft Shredder SA Series

SA series single shaft shredder (single shaft shredder with arc pusher) carried Harden consistent reliability in manufacturing. It adopts the advanced European elaborate design. The machine is able to keep high stability in the complex working conditions of industrial waste, municipal waste, commercial waste shredding. It has a arc swing pusher for feeding with flexible and intelligent forced control program, big diameter shaft with optimized cutter shape and arrangement design for efficient shredding effect.
SA series single shaft shredder goes especially well with screen residue shredding. This processing is the secondary shredding before the screened waste becomes RDF (refuse-derived fuel). It`s suitable for production with particle size of 30~80 mm. The alternative fuel form MSW with the size could be burn directly. The European standard of waste to alternative fuel has a rank of particle size with corresponding calorific value. SA series single shaft shredder is designed for MSW fine shredding. The big single shaft and arc swing pusher meets the shredding requirements appropriately.

Parameters of SA Series Single Shaft Shredder

Model SMA1300 SMA1900 SMA2500
Hopper size(A*B) mm 1200*1600 1800*2000 2400*2500
Chamber size (C*E) mm 1300×1000 1900×1000 2500×1200
Rotor dimeter (D) mm 500 500 650
Rotor length (E) mm 1000 1000 1200
Cutter NO. (pcs) 56 98 146
Cutting board NO. (pcs) 8 12 16
Mesh size (mm) φ20~100 φ20~100 φ20~100
Main motor power (kW) 55/75 75/90 75+75/90+90
Hydraulic system power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11
Dimesions (L/W/H) mm  3450×2530×2570 4050×2530×2570 4500×2600×2700
Weight (Kg) 8000 10500 14600

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Feartures of SA Series Single Shaft Shredder

  • Matched cutter arrangements form efficient shredding effects.
  • Slow speed high torque shredding makes low dust and noise operation.
  • Highly wear-proof imported alloy with technical thermal treatment for cutters.
  • Quality gearbox with shock absorbing base.
  • Rotory cutters can be turned and used with several edges before replacement.
  • Twin speed hydraulic system for intelligent feeding, integrated with air cooler.
  • Quality controls, 8 hours running testing, CE cetificated.