Our People and Value

The spirit of craftsman and invention

Spirit of craftsman exits at every corner of Harden company. Harden people know what preciseness spirit mean to a corporation particularly a machinery company. It is exactly the spirit of craftsman and invention that makes Harden company the leading designer and manufacturer in shredder industry in China.

To develop our brand in both domestic and oversea market, managers of Harden realize that not only should we develop our advantage of brand building, technology, standards, quality, but also a formation of a new generation of craftsmen spirit. People is the most valuable treasure in Harden company. In Harden company you will see each of us value our work serious and try our best to complete it more perfectly. We believe that the spirit of craftsman is main power to drive Harden move forward.

The spirit of invention never stop behind no matter in society development or corporation development. It determines the fate of the company. Harden company has developed its R&D team in the past few years, we have both experienced technicians and young technicians who bring thousands of creative ideas to our designs. Young blood is the main power to develop invention in the company. We can see more customized shredding and recycling solutions are available in Harden company. Invention spirit is the other key word of Harden people.

Company culture, shredding technology


Three excellent Harden men were honored in last month

To courage the most outstanding people in Harden, company held an election to select three guys who do very great job in their position, they represents the spirit of craftsman of Harden company. We held an formal conference to honor these three outstanding men, they are MR. LAI, MR.KANG and MR.XIE. Congrats!


Company culture, shredding technology


People of Harden never stop pursuing excellence

Waste recycling and renewable energy is two of the main ways to protect our environment nowadays and they are also the developing commercial business. Shredding is a vital step to process waste recycling, Harden focus on providing more innovative shredding machines and solutions for our partners. Reliable quality and innovations are two key words of our products, we never stop our step to pursue excellence with our spirit of craftsman and invention. Harden will always there for your with your most satisfied shredders and recycling equipment.

Company culture, shredding technology