IFAF2016 completed successfully

organic waste shredder,msw shredder, waste disposal

Harden`s IFAT exhibition comploted successfully on 3th, June. The exhibition began at 29th May and last for 6 days in Munich. We got lots of inquiry during the period. Our stand mainly showed: a. hydraulic primary shredder(coarse shredder), single shaft shredder for RDF fine shredding, organic waste diposal system, paper mill wasts shredding system and hazardous waste shredding systems.

The most popular machine of the inquires is our industrial two shaft shredder.We got 8 potential orders of the small two shaft shredder TS505 and 5 for the big one TD812 and 6 intentions of systematic solutions. More than 80 customers leave theri contact information to us for further business talking in future.

Solid waste shredding and recycling is still a hot topic between our customers. Demands of metal shredder, wood waste shredder and tyres shredders are 70% to the total. Also MSW shredder, MSW processing system, hazardous waste shredding system, paper mill waste shredder and recycling system is our majoy.

Our two shaft shredder TD612, TD812, TD913 meets most of industrial waste shredding. TD612 for metals sheets and car tyres shredding with 3.5 tons of throughput range. TD913 is a strong model for big tyres and metal scraps shredding.

There two kinds of combination of motors and gearboxes. High turque one and high throughpout one.
E.g. TD612 with 45+45 kW motors and 20 RPM. It`s a solution for Municiple waste shredding. The torque is not so big but with efficient rotating. Otherwise, two shaft shredder TD612 with 30+30kW and only 9 rpm. The shredder has two big gearboxes for high reduction ratio of rotating speed. It generates 31,800 N.m of torque enough to shear metal scraps with a total thickness of 15 mm.

Applicaitons in the picture:
1. Organic waste shredding and dewatering system.
2. RDF(Paper mill waste) shredding system.
3. Industrial waste(hazardous waste) shredding system.
4. Medical waste(hosipital,nosocomial waste) shredding system.