Harden Specialized Kitchen Waste Shredder

Kitchen waste is a kind of organic waste. Classification is a vital primary step to process kitchen waste and restaurant waste. Generally kitchen waste will be used for fermentation for production of bio-gas. After completing the classification of kitchen waste, shredder will play an important role in the kitchen waste shredding. As we know that shredding the kitchen waste into smaller size will be good for aerobic fermentation, which finally produce the bio-gas. Harden company carries several high performance kitchen waste shredders, believe there are some ideal models meet your need.

Household small size kitchen waste processor can dispose the waste in the kitchen at any time. However, it is not suitable for the massive kitchen waste especially with other waste like can, glass, plastic bags etc.. For such kind of kitchen waste Harden specialized kitchen waste disposal system will be your best choice.

Kitchen waste shredder, waste disposal system

Harden kitchen waste processing procedures

1) Feeding with screw conveyor.

2) Two shaft kitchen waste shredder.

3) Screw conveyor discharge shredded kitchen waste.

4) Solid-liquid separator. This process can add hot water to dissolve the grease in the food, so as to facilitate the subsequent separation of oil and water.

5) Liquid discharged through the above procedure will be put into the oil-water separator. The separated oil can increase the calorific value of cement kilns and incinerators.

6) Separated solid kitchen waste will be used for aerobic fermentation then converted to fertilizer and production of bio-gas.

Harden Kitchen Waste Processing Star Shredder #TS508


Specification TS508
Motor power (kw) 30
Cutting chamber size C*E(mm) 500*850
Knife size (mm) Ø 280*30
Knife quantity (pcs) 28
Knife roll speed rpm 18/200
Hopper opening mm 1280*1030
Machine dimension L*W*H(mm) 2250*1670*2368
Machine weight(KG) 3500
Output kg/h 2000-3000