Harden SM Series Single Shaft Shredder

Excellent Shredding Skills of Harden Single Shaft Shredder

Harden Machinery Ltd designs and manufactures SM series single shaft shredder to meet various shredding demands in the market. Featuring high quality, high range of output and low failure rate, Harden SM series single shaft shredders sells very well in the recycling market. These single shaft shredders have a large diameter knife roller and an intelligent hydraulic pusher, they are quite good at shredding large bundle of plastic bottles, cans, oil drums, scraps, waste rubber, wooden pallet, waste paper, old carpet, domestic waste, refuse derived fuels(RDF ) as well as other various kinds of waste.

Why Choose Harden SM Series Single Shaft Shredder?

There are lots of factors that affect the efficiency of single shaft shredders. Harden SM series single shaft shredders introduces new technology from European knife rollers, which can effectively improve the speed of shredding refuse derived fuels(RDF), waste cloth, and leather waste by 0.5-1 times as other ordinary single shaft machines do. The arc pusher of Harden single shaft shredder forms a wide range of forced feeding, allowing the shaft to have a high average loading rate without overloading. Harden SM series single shaft shredder is equipped with Siemens motor, European reducer, hydraulic coupling, which improves the starting torque and maximum output capacity of the shredder.

In the application of cement kiln disposal, single shaft shredder co-works with primary shredder to form a complete double stages shredding treatment system, which satisfies the requirement of high range of output and fine discharging of RDF. Fuels shredded and selected by the the single shaft shredder meets the standard of cement kiln disposal, improves the efficiency of RDF incineration in the meantime.
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Experienced Harden SM single shaft shredder

Harden Machinery Ltd carries many successful shredding cases for waste recycling business, particularly in the application of single shaft shredders. As a helpful machine of RDF synergistic treatment of cement kiln, Harden SM series single shaft shredder has shown good stability and reliability in shredding complicated industrial waste. Moreover, customized shredding technology is available by Harden Machinery Ltd.


Harden Single Shaft Shredder SMA1300


  • Hydraulic coupling for shock absorption
  • Robust motor and cutting chamber structure
  • Two stages stator-knives for second cutting
  • Flake sizes of 20-100mm depending on screen size
  • Changeable screen for different flake size requirement
  • Customized shredder is available
  • Versatile application: Plastic, timber/wood, foam, paper&cardboard, textile, rubber, non-ferrous metals

single shaft shredder, rdf shredder

Specification SMA1300
Hopper size A*B(mm) 1200*1600
Cutting chamber size C*E(mm) 1300*1600
Rotor diameter D (mm) 500
Rotor-knives number (pcs) 56
Stator-knives number (pcs) 8
Screen size(mm) Φ20-100
Ram stroke E(mm) 1000
Motor power(KW) 55/75
Swing ram power(KW) 5.5
Voltage V/Hz 380V/50Hz
Machine dimension L*W*H(mm) 3400*2530*2570
Machine weight(KG) 8000