HARDEN Offers Versatile Paper Shredders

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Shredding, A Vital Step of Waste Paper Recycling

Recycling waste is a major theme of the environment protection nowadays. Waste paper recycling becomes one of the most effective ways to protect our forest, grassland. Waste Paper shredding saves storage space and lowers the transport cost for collecting. An advanced and high quality paper shredder is indispensable to process paper recycling. Single shaft shredder and two shaft shredder is suitable for paper recycling industrials.


China Demands More Paper Shredders

China is one of the biggest countries in paper producing and consuming.

Books, magazines, notebooks, newspapers, advertising leaflets, toilet papers, beverage cartons, packing cartons, corrugated cases… These materials can be shredded by paper shredder for recycling.

If you think about these, you’ll see that paper really plays an important role in our daily life! It's no doubt that more paper shredders is needed in China in the near future!

raw paper waste, confidential destruction

Another question, do you know how much carbon dioxide will be released by burning 10KG waste newspaper?

It’s 1.5 times of the weight of waste newspaper.

Many people might be surprised about the data above, indeed, the smoke from paper burning rise quickly and looks quite light, seems that nothing has happened.


However, if we see from the atomic level, the theory of paper burning is to combine combustibles with oxygen in the air. Burning paper of 10KG needs 12KG oxygen, producing 16KG carbon dioxide and 6KG vapor. Burning papers will increase the carbon dioxide in the air, exacerbating the greenhouse effect of the earth. Paper shredder is widely applied to the paper recycling business nowadays.


HARDEN Offers Versatile Paper Shredding Solutions

Harden Machinery Ltd is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of industrial shredder and recycling equipment in China. We have offered thousands of successful cases for customers for domestic and overseas market. Harden has varied paper shredders to satisfy all kinds of paper shredding requirements. Harden is good at producing cardboard & paper shredder, industrial paper shredder, office & confidential documents shredder, corrugated paper shredder, beverage cartons shredder, used paper edge strips shredder, diaper shredder, etc..

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Harden Two Shaft Paper Shredder TS-505 FEATURES

  • Advanced design
  • German technology
  • Powered by efficient Siemens motor
  • Customized shredder is available
  • Versatile shredding application: paper, plastic, electronic scrap, glass, PET bottles, textiles

paper shredder, two shaft shredder

Specification TS-505
Motor power kw 18.5
Cutting chamber mm 500*560
Knife size mm Φ280*30
Number of knives pcs 18
Knife roll speed rpm 18/20
Hopper opening mm 1015*1030
Machine size mm 1914*1600*2270
Machine weight kg 2700
Output kg/h 1000-2000