Harden Medical Waste Processing Technology

Medical waste is kind of hazardous waste in the city for its infectiousness which might be harmful to the environment and people’s health. Generally there are some various ways for medical waste processing, like sanitary landfill, incineration by pyralysis, autoclave sterilization, chemical disinfection, microwave sterilization, thermal decomposition, and plasma process, ect. Medical waste shredding by specialized medical waste shredder is a crucial way for medical waste processing.

Common Wastes For Medical Waste Processing

  • Expired drugs
  • Medicine package
  • Small medical devices
  • Clinical waste
  • Infectious waste
  • Various plastic waste
  • Latex material waste
  • Syringe syrup type waste
  • Prosthetics
  • Wipes, blood stained cotton yarn, disposable sheets

medical waste shredder

Harden One-Stop Solution for Medical Waste Processing

Lifter+Shredder+Secondary Shredder+Conveying System

Under  Harden one-stop medical waste shredding processing technology, medical waste will be lifted to the first stage medical waste shredder by a lifter, which saves labor cost and prevent the harmful medical waste from spreading to the human body and environment in the meantime. Harden provides two shredding procedures for medical waste processing, first for primary shredding via primary medical waste shredder and then the shredded material will be transferred to the secondary medical waste shredder. After secondary shredding by secondary medical waste shredder, medical waste will be qualified enough(normally smaller than 50mm) for incineration, which helps to improve the burning efficiency.

medical waste shredder

Features of Harden Medical Waste Shredder 

  • Easy maintenance and safe operation
  • Low noise and dust operation
  • Knives are made of high strength alloy, no worry of metal crushing
  • Knives can be repaired by welding to reduce the maintenance cost
  • Double seals, dust proof maze and material baffle for core part protection
  • Siemens and Schneider electric components ensures high stability

Recommenced Medical Waste Shredder for Medical Waste Processing

Specification Medical Waste Shredder TD612
Motor power kW 45+45
Cutting chamber size C*E(mm) 1220*650
Knife size mm Ø 345*50
Knife quantity (pcs) 24
Service voltage Hz


Machine dimension L*W*H(mm) 4390*2180*2600
Machine weight(kg) 7000
Output kg/h 5000-10000

medical waste shredder,two shaft shredder

Please feel free to contact Harden to discuss more medical waste processing solutions.