Hard disk shredder for higher level confidential destruction

With the development of information technology, hard disk is the common storage medium in daily life. Hard drives are solid state drives (SSDs, new drives), mechanical drives (HDDs), hybrids (HHDs are based on new hard disks born of traditional mechanical hard drives).

hard disk shredder

Hard disk shredder ensures confidential destruction is safe and secure

Nowadays for information protection, some hard disks with confidential information needed to be destroyed. Most of them have stored confidential information, someone will use software to erase the data, but as to know, this way just delete the directories but the actual data will remain, the information can be restored. Deleting important files isn’t enough. Shredding by hard disk shredder is 100% secure way to destroy hard disk permanently. Hard disk shredder is quite popular in national institutions, financial institution, army, research centers, technology companies.

Harden versatile hard disk shredders

Harden offers versatile hard disks shredders with different capacity to meet the growing need for destruction of hard disks. Harden hard disks shredders are also available for other electronic devices like cell phones, backup tapes and assorted e-waste.

Features of Harden hard disk shredders

  • Robust electric components ensures high stability
  • Easy maintenance and safe operation
  • Knives are made of high strength alloy, no worry of metal crushing
  • Low noise and dust operation

hard disk shredder

Recommended Harden hard disk shredders



hard disk shredder

Two shaft hard disk shredder #TS505

Specification Hard disk shredder TS505
Motor power kw 18.5
Cutting chamber mm 500*560
Knife size mm Φ280*30
Number of knives pcs 18
knife roll speed rpm 18/20
Hopper opening mm 1015*1030
Machine size mm 1914*1600*2270
Machine weight kg 2700
Output kg/h 1000-2000



hard disk shredder

Specialized Mini hard disk shredder HDS300

Specification  Hard disk shredder HDS300
Motor power kw 2.2
Power supply customized
Knife size mm Φ192*30
knife roll speed rpm 18/20
Working noise bel ≤80
Machine size mm 940*650*1204
Machine weight kg 900
Output pcs/h 90-120

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