Four shaft shredder is an industrial shredder with four-shaft cutting system, which is especially suited for applications such as e-scrap, rubber tire recycling, alternative fuel production, and size reduction of contaminated materials where uniform, small to medium particle size is desired.

Four Shaft Shredder Features

※ More than 300 cutting set-up options
※ Pre and secondary shredding in one step
※ More screen surface = extra high troughput
※ Variable screen size for different granulate size
※ Automatically reversing function
※ Foreigen object stop
※ Resharpen of blades

Four Shaft Shredder Applications

Shredding applications from wood pallets to e-scrap, from tires to medical waste and from books to confidential documents. To permit firsthand solution validation, we are able to perform throughput and consistency testing and analysis of your materials.