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Market and sales

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metals scrap shredder h msw sorting plant domestic waste shredder h RDF biomass shredder energy plant h
Howell Hong(Mr.)
Markets in charging :
metals(scrap steels, iron sheets, aluminum, coppers)shredding and recycling.
RDF, renewable energy shredders and production system.
MSW, domestic garbage, organic waste, food waste, biomass waste shredding, sorting, dewatering diposal system.
Tyre and rubber shredder and recycling system.


medical waste shredder disposal plant h pulper-waste-slider data and counterfeit destruction h
Ken Chen(Mr.)
Markets in charging :
Medical waste, hospital waste shredding and diposal system.
Industrial waste, hazardous waste shredding system.
Dates destruction(Documents, compact disk, hard-disk driver)shredder.
Paper waste, paper mill(ragger wires)shredding and classifying system.


Sally Zhu(Ms.)
Markets in charging :
Plastic block shredder, plastic waste shredder, Plastic bottles shredder.
Plastic recycling and pelleting system.
Resin and polythene(helmet, automative lighting, lamp) shredder.
Glass waste shredder, glass fiber shredder, glass bottles shredder.


Jossie Fang(Ms.)
Markets in charging :
Hydraulic, electric driven baler and press.
EPS, EPU foam shredder.
EPS, EPU foam compacter and recycling system.