Are you struggling with any Bulky Waste Treatment?

Used bulky furniture, decoration waste, tree branches from garden dressing, bulky carton packaging waste are the most common bulky waste in our daily life. You must have met some difficulties in dealing with bulky waste treatment while moving to a new house, redecoration or developing your business.

A research shows that 78.6% interviewee have encountered problems with bulky waste management like bulky furniture and other bulky waste from redecoration. With the developing of city and growing population, more and more used bulky waste are abandoned by people at will. The pressure on the city for bulky waste management is exacerbating.
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Great Value of Bulky Waste Treatment

In Europe, a lot of bulky waste is collected and then transferred to the waste processing center, there waste will be shredded and sorted for further bulky waste disposal. After separating, we will get plastic, metal, glass, textile, paper, metal, foam, etc. from the bulky waste management.

Most of bulky waste are made of wood, metal and plastic, which is recyclable or for secondary processing. If processed in a proper bulky waste management way, bulky waste can create great value both for environment and commercial.
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Metal is the most valuable material in the bulky waste disposal, including ferrous metal scrap steel and copper, zinc, lead, aluminum and other common non-ferrous metals. Waste metal in the bulky waste can be re-melt and reproduction.

Wood in the bulky waste can be shredded by bulky waste shredder for secondary process to make wooden pallet, new light furniture, fuel for waste incineration plant, activated carbon, industrial charcoal, synthetic gas or other chemical material. Wood recycling in the bulky waste can effectively reduce the deforestation and protect our forest.

Plastic are generally used to make package for bulky goods, this kind of bulky waste is quite common in the business. Plastic recycling in the bulky waste can effectively save cost for the company and also make great value for a better environment.
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Harden Bulky Waste Shredder Treatment Solution

Combined with German technology and advanced Harden manufacturing technology, Harden bulky waste shredder and bulky waste managment solution have won positive feedback in both domestic and oversea market. Please see one of the most popular Harden bulky waste shredding system as below for your reference.

Bulky Waste Shredder Treatment One-stop System

Conveyor +Harden bulky waste shredder+Sorting system+Dust removal system

(customized bulky waste disposal system is available)

Features of Harden Bulky Waste Shredder Treatment System

  • Conveyor transport for labor reducing
  • Low noise, dust and knives wear
  • Dust pelletizing system for whole system dedusting
  • Self discharging and ferrous separating system
  • Automatic central controller with safe and easy operation

Recommended Harden Bulky Waste Management Shredder

TD912 shredder


•Large feed opening and optional portability
•Exclusive side discharge for automatic removal of uncrushables
•Oversized bearings and shafts and heavy-duty construction throughout
•Product size controlled by disk size and tooth pattern
•Patented control system