Harden staffs

Harden Spirit

Harden is creating a fair, equal, mutual respect, efficient and enterprising group.

The place we working, studying and growing together, Harden offers not only classes of shredder and manufacturing knowledge to us, also trainings to help staffs in achieving self-worth, and collective tourisms to promote unity. We are a big family, passional, happy, dynamic and creative, growing as well as our company and technology.

The products’ been made in such harmonious setting. Our quality, your trust.

Harden Staff Activitis

harden shredder staffs travel
Harden  collective tourism
harden shredder staffs sports
We take sports together
shredder technology train
Shredder manufacting and technology class

Staffs in Shredder Production

shredder manufacturing study
Skills transfer
harden staffs comunication
shredder solution
Shredding and recycling solution
shredder parts quality check
Quality verification
shredder welding
Shredder basement welding
small shredder packaging
Small shredder packaging