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Harden Group

HARDEN is an industrial group specializes in design and manufacturing solid waste shredding and recycling equipment.We have supplied more than 3000 units of shredder and 200 units of shredding system around the world that gained widely acceptance. HARDEN, DAOSEN, HASSWELL, CINTO, POTOP are our factories for different products. Our product range includes shredding machines (e.g. solid waste shredders, crushers, granulators), conveying and sorting machines (e.g. belt conveyors, chain conveyors, manual sorting platforms, vibrating screens, air classifiers) and compactors (e.g. EPS, EPU compactors, hydraulic and pneumatic balers and press). HARDEN, your trustworthy manufacturer and partner in shredding and recycling market.

Harden Shredding and Recycling Technologies Ltd.

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Harden Shredding and Recycling Technology Ltd. a factory and trader in market of shredding maching and whole recycling system. Main products: single shaft shredder, two shaft shredder, four shaft shredder, granulator, shredding system and feeding system. The main factory has an area of 8000 m2, four workshops for different stages of manufacturing. We do machinging and assembling of shredder and testing whole recycling system in the plants. We have a professional technical group to design shredding, sorting and conveying solutions. We have dealers in Europe, India, Southeastern Asia, and Africa.

Daosen Machinery Ltd.

Daosen Machinery Ltd. One of our factories producing conveying and sorting machines. Also it charges sheet-metal working. Main products: belt conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, vibrating screen and air classifier.

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Hasswell Technologies Ltd.

Hasswell Technology Ltd. is a manufacturing company from China that supplies recycling recycling equipments for size reduction and volume reduction.The product range include balers, trash compactors, EPS, EPU compactors and shredders, bottle shredders, and water squeezers, hydraulic and pneumatic balers and press. Hasswell also offers different new options that can be custom-built for special industrial requirements.

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