Harden shredder office

Harden Shredder Factory

Harden has three factories in manufacturing shredders, conveyors, sorting equipmemts and press machines.
We have mature shredding technology, a expert design team and complete-kinds of machining equipment.
Also we never stop improving our management and technology of shredders.

We specialize in producing single-shaft shredders, two-shaft shredders and four-shaft shredders.
The shredders are built to handle a variety of technical applications mainly like domestic waste shredding, food market organic waste shredding, MSW shredding and sorting, metal scraps shredding for volume reduction and recycling, medical and hazardous waste shredding system, WEEE shredding and sorting system.
Surely we have standard machines for normal materials recycling, like wood shredders, tyre and rubber shredders, plastic and resin shredders, paper and cardboard shredders, animal waste shredders.

Wish our clean and neat shop can give you confidence in our shredder machines.
If you want to visit our office or make a review on our shredders, please feel free to contact us.

Let’s have a look Harden factory and our completed shredder products.

Completed Shredders

Heavy duty shredders finished
Heavy duty shredders
two shaft shredders, shredding system for MSW
Shredding system
Finished shredders
Heavy prodution capacity
batch produce small shredders
Batch production of light shredders
organic waste shredding disposal system
Organic waste shredding disposal system
shredder auxiliary equipment
Auxiliary equipment: belt conveyors

Shredder Production Conditions

shredder machining equipment
Machining machines
shredder finished parts
Shredder parts
shredder machining centers
Maching centers
shredder e-cabinet room
Room of contral cabinets
shredder raw metals
Raw materials storage and cutting
shredder components storage
Standard parts storage