Welcome to HARDEN Shredder Industries.

Harden Industries Ltd. dedicates to develop and produce solid waste shredders and recycling equipment, your trustworthy manufacturer in China (ISO 9001 & CE certificated). We emphasize the quality of both production and sale service, devote to effectuate your shredding and recycling expectations.

We accumulate the experience from hundreds of application for many years. Our responsible technical support and reliable equipments had gained widely agreements in the global market. “What`s the best and the most economical way we can do?” This is the question we are honestly solving for you.

Industrial shredding and recycling technologies

Metal Scraps Shredder

two shaft shredder for metal shredding
Middle to heavy duty metals scraps shredder for volume reduction.

Municipal waste disposal

organic waste shredder
Sorting, shredding and dewatering system for MSW, Food, market and kitchen waste diposal.

RDF, renewable energy

Renewable energy. RDF production. Shredding and recycling system for MSW and biomass waste.

WEEE recycling

refrigerator shredder,white waste recycling system
WEEE shredder. Shredding and classifying system for refrigerator, microwave oven, television and computer recycling.

Normal solid waste recycling

plastic shredder,rubber shredder
Tire,wood,plastic,paper,glass shredders and recycling system
Special waste disposal
hazardous waste shredder
Hazardous waste anti-explosion shredding systems. Medical waste shredding and sterilizing system.

Paper mill waste recycling

metal wires shredder
Recycling plant of paper mill waste(ragged wires). Shredding and classifying system

Data/counterfeit destruction

hard driver shredder
Hard driver shredders. Data destruction, counterfeit products destruction.

Animal waste shredder

carcass shredder
Shredding and convey, feeding system for dead animals(pig, cow, chicken)disposal.